Sunday, October 28, 2007

Elsa meets Randall for a quickie.

They came together just after lunch on Friday, and by 7:00 p.m., it was over.

Brimming over with Hersbrucker hops, Randall guided Elsa through the labyrinth of the cold plate ... and she was a brand new beer.

There simply wasn't enough of her, but it was beautiful while it lasted.

Note to G: I see what you mean. It really is on the phallic side, isn't it?


Daddy said...

Please excuse the ignorance, but what is that thing?

The New Albanian said...

It "dry-hops" beer from keg to glass.

HIATT38 said...

all praise you , oh holy roger what would we do if you didn't tell us how to think and drink.
Ignorance and arrogance are no excuse for you. It is your way or the wrong way,, huh

The New Albanian said...

How prescient of you. Indeed, ignorance and arrogance are no excuse.

Neither is ignorance of the rules here at PC's blog, which will permit anonymity upon private disclosure of identity to me.

From your tone, I'm doubting that serious discourse is your intent, but in case it is, then disclosure is due. If not, I'll delete your future posts.

Thanks for being a part of the blog.

antzman said...

Damn Bud drinkers.....

At least Hiatt38 lurks on the blog... he might actually pick up some knowledge.