Monday, October 15, 2007

FOSSILS club update: The "Femur of Power" has been passed.

From Beth Howard, proud owner of the "Past President" pin.

Congratulations to winners of the 2007 FOSSILS officer elections, held by ballot on Saturday, October 13. Each race was very tight and required the expertise of the accounting firm of Frazier & Frazier to verify tabulations. No hanging chads reported.

President - Bob Capshew
Vice-President - Caleb Sunderman
Secretary - Ed Needham
Treasurer - Denny Stapp

Details regarding date and time of President Capshew's first Executive/Planning Meeting forthcoming.

Thanks to all candidates for your willingness to assume a leadership role --- I'm sure Bob and his team will be calling upon your energy and ideas.

Also --- a personal note of thanks to everyone contributing to the success and growth of FOSSILS this past year during my presidency. I especially appreciate your support as we navigated stormy waters and your patience as we adopted a new meeting schedule in 2007. A specific thanks to Tom, Melissa and Denny as my team of officers.

I also raise a pint to FOSSILS members for our club's commitment to sustaining and enhancing the homebrewing and beer appreciation culture in our community. That momentum is apparent through relationships being nurtured with our homebrewing comrades in clubs from Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee and beyond; through robust participation in more homebrew competitions than ever before; and the outstanding number of awards club members are receiving in brewing competitions.

Not to mention our bar tab after club meetings!

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