Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pants Down Port Drinkers on December 28: A recap.

As previewed in November, the Pants Down Port Drinkers gathered at Prost on Thursday night for the annual holiday season’s tipples and nibbles.

Pants Down Port Drinkers to convene on Thursday, December 28 at the Public House.

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In addition to numerous examples of the bottled and fortified pride of Portugal, we had other dessert-style drinks to savor: Six-year old Tokaj (Hungary); Lurgashall Tower of London, Scotch-infused mead; and Pome, a Calvados liqueur made with unfermented apple juice.

We enjoyed a superb selection of tasty appetizers to complement the libations. These included several salamis, pickled herring, and the culinary highlight of the session, an odiferous, creamy and utterly delectable goat cheese from Capriole Farms. I was transported to Europe, and didn't want to com back home.

Of the ports, it was difficult to choose a favorite, and I didn’t keep notes. Any time the table groans beneath the weight of multiple portions of 20-Year Tawny, you know you’ve come to the right place. As for surprises, Graham Phillips’ tasty white port from Quinta do Portal was an unexpected pleasure. Of course, there were others.

Although it has come to be a cherished part of the holiday season, our annual port tasting remains a very loosely organized, and is designed to stay that way. However, in response to popular demand, we intend to commence a spring and fall meet as well. These will be more structured, with specific ports chosen, and participation offered by subscription (probably limited to a certain number of people).

I’m organizing an April session, and Tim Eads will call the shots some time in the fall. Information will be posted here, and a mailing list also will be gathered.

Thanks to all those who attended this year’s event. Port may not be the best lubricant for my gout, but until something better comes along …

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