Monday, December 18, 2006

Craft this, craft that -- and no fundamental difference between the two.

I’ve learned that the Brewers of Indiana Guild will make an effort again this year to amend the law pertaining to microbreweries so as to allow Sunday carryout of craft-brewed, small brewery beer.

The last time this change was introduced, the Indiana legislature unceremoniously crushed it amid the usual grandstanding and the shrill complaints of professional anti-drug activists that it would lead to societal ruin as massive numbers of Bud Light drinkers would see the light convert overnight to paying double their customary tariff for televised Sunday sports drunkenness, buying IPA and Imperial Stout for underage drinkers, and wrecking vehicles.

However, note the hypocrisy inherent in the state legislature's record of pinky-bending indulgence toward wineries, which can sell their wares for carry-out on Sunday.

Craft winery, craft brewery … is there any difference beyond discredited stereotypes about beer and wine?

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antzman said...

You forgot the most important difference between the two group.... the lobbying effort that each group has at the state level.

That is the same reason that every initiative that package retail stores try to get in place at the state level gets squashed by the grocery store/convienence store lobby.