Monday, December 11, 2006

Here are the contest rules for (Your name here)Fest in May, 2007.

The next installment of (Your name here)Fest will come in late May, 2007.

The first was DaveFest, named for Dave Siltz, which took place earlier in 2006.

The (Your name here)Fest is a consumer’s choice beer fest, with the Publican (that’s me) attempting within reason and various distribution constraints to assemble an annual contest winner’s ideal draft lineup.

The question has been: How to fairly determine the next honoree? DaveFest was Dave’s because the idea was his, but for 2007, we’re going to do it differently. I've tried to incorporate some of the ideas he noted in this piece.

Beginning with the Saturnalia MMVI kickoff Friday, there’ll be a month-long essay contest to select the 2007 (Your name here)Fest winner.

Naturally, contestants must be 21 years of age.

(1) Contestants must present their answers to the question, “What would your ideal draft lineup look like?” in the form of an essay explaining why the particular beers are being chosen. Include personal information, reasons why you like them, and so forth. Entry deadline is January 15, 2007.

(2) Eight taps will be provided for beers of the contestant’s choosing. At least 12 beers should be specified so that alternates are available if any of the selections cannot be procured.

(3) “Stump the Publican” is not permitted. I cannot get draft Westvleteren or Alaskan Smoked Porter or Fat Tire. Consider alternates that are stylistically close, even if they’re not the same. Try to keep the choices within the range of drafts and/or breweries that are accessible via draft. I will work with you to hone the lineup.

(4) Beers like Guinness are always on draft, so there’s no reason to include and specify them if they’re favorites. They’re gravy.

(5) The essays will be judged by a three-member panel, to include myself, last year’s winner Dave Siltz (you don't mind, do you?) and a wild card to be named later. The panel’s methodology is secret, and its decisions are final.

(6) Our crack team of artists and designers will produce a limited, small-batch version of commemorative t-shirt to be vended to family, friends, co-workers and E-Bay shoppers.

Send the essays to the Curnudgeon’s e-mail, and thanks in advance for participating.


barenada said...

Sounds good to me. I'd be happy to help. I'm also not averse to subtle bribery.

David R. Pierce said...

Any entries yet?

The New Albanian said...

Several people say they're making lists, but nothing official yet.