Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Meals will be prompt, and no gong sounded.

Check out this hotel restaurant menu from the year 1857:

Louisville Hotel Table d’Hote

Verily, all the essentials are in place, with a purely French approach to cooking, ample quantities of meats, dispensable veggies, abundant wine from around the world, and even Guinness (imported from Dublin) and India Pale Ale from the UK.

This probably would have been the best beer list in Louisville in 1957 ... and as recently as the early 1980's.

Absolutely fascinating.

Many thanks to Doogy R. for posting this on Robin Garr’s Louisville Restaurants Forum.

The Allsopp’s label was found here.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Roger, this is Tony. I still cannot SEND e-mail, however I got your message from Tim. If you could e-mail him and tell him to look at this
I like the Blue at the bottom simply because we havent had any blue shirts. If not that I'd go for the black.

Thanks, Tony.