Tuesday, December 19, 2006

FLASH: Bistro New Albany will be open on New Year's Eve.

I confirmed with owner/chef Dave Clancy today that bNA will be open on Sunday evening, December 31, for New Year's Eve dining, and perhaps one or two Progressive Pints.

For those who don't know, bNA is located in downtown New Albany on the corner of Market and Bank. NABC beers are on tap, and Chef Dave's a culinary wizard.

Consequently, Mrs. Curmudgeon has agreed to an evening out, and I plan to test the limits of my (so far) successful weight loss program. Chef Dave notes that the regular dinner menu will be served, with five or so evening super specials.

Anyone up to join us? Downtowners who can walk to the Bistro and back might especially welcome the chance to stay close to home. I might bring a special bottle or two of subversive beer ... so , let me know, and we'll reserve space.


In case you didn't know:

There's only one Dave at the Bistro now. Chef Clancy and Dave Himmel have parted ways, amicably I'm told, and DH is said to be pursuing other related projects in downtown New Albany. I wish him the best, and plan on keeping readers abreast of his next move.


Anonymous said...

Hey Roger, this is Tony. Still can't e-mail. Finished Pictures of the Naughty Claus and Bonfire can be found Here and Here respectively.

If you are so inclined I have uploaded a video of the process I go through to finish one of these on YouTube. It's me finishing up the final portion of Bonfire. It's only about 5 minutes.
Click Here for that.

Highwayman said...

Pencil me in for one. It sounds like fun and I know the food & beverages are great!

Iamhoosier said...

Mariellen and I are tempted to join also. She can be the designated driver.