Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stratto's featured in LEO ... they have one good beer, too.

Don't forget, Stratto's is serving NABC Bob's Old 15-B on draft.

LEO's Eat 'n' Blog: Stratto's boosts fine dining on the Sunny Side, by Robin Garr.

A few excerpts:

As far back as most of us could remember, folks in Southern Indiana who wanted to enjoy a fine-dining experience were pretty much obliged to hit the bridges to Kentucky if they wanted anything more sophisticated than diner fare or a fast-food chain.

It might seem rude for a Kentuckian to say such a thing, but let the record reflect that it's deeply rooted Hoosier John McCulloch saying this, pledging to make Stratto's - the fine new Italian eatery where he's executive chef - a dining destination that will raise the bar for gourmet-style dining on the Sunny Side ...

... It joins a handful of other recent Southern Indiana arrivals, including Bistro New Albany and Federal Hill in New Albany and RockWall in Floyds Knobs, that offer Southern Indiana its own upscale dining options ... and that offer Kentuckians a credible reason to head north for dinner.

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