Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Elector -- Between Two Lions.

I’m embarrassed to admit that I know nothing about Between Two Lions, a band from New Albany. Here’s a recent Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) article about the group:

Five Important Questions: With Between Two Lions, by Anthony Bowman.

I liked this band as soon as I heard them, and then I found out that they’re from New Albany, which made me like them even more. (Being from across the river myself, it’s exciting to see a really great band coming out of my hometown.)

But the band knows me – well, sort of. Member Brent Engle’s response to one of LEO’s questions is quite flattering:

LEO: If music were food, what kind would yours be?

BE: Probably a pizza and a beer from Rich-O’s Public House. I always feel great after a couple of slices of pizza and a few Electors. I hope that is how people feel after listening to our music — completely satisfied.

Brent, if you’re reading, thanks for the kind words. And some day, I’ll crawl out of my cave and catch a gig.

Maybe bring a growler or two of the beer, at that.

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