Saturday, July 22, 2006

Wine and Beermakers Supply owner battling cancer.

Sad news from my friend and fellow downtown New Albany resident, Ann Streckfus:

Roger, I'm not sure if you know Dave Streckfus or not, but I imagine your paths have crossed at some point. He and his wife Dina are my cousins and they own Wine and Beermakers Supply on Westport Rd in Louisville. Thought I'd pass this on in case you know him. He has been fighting cancer for over a year and unfortunately it's getting the best of him. He doesn't have much time left. I thought some of the FOSSILS group might want to know -- Dina mentioned that some of them had been patrons of their store.

Beyond the deeply personal nature of any terminal illness, consider the business standpoint. The Streckfus’s have been running their shop since 1972, when you-know-who was president and the federal government had yet to sign off on the legality of homebrewing (it happened later, during the Carter Administration).

LAGERS club secretary Dan Flaherty reports that the future of the business is tenuous, indeed, with Dave in hospice and not expected to return home.

Spare a thought and say a prayer for Dave, and recall the good he and Dina have done for the Louisville area’s beermaking and winemaking communities.

Verily, they’re local legends.

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The Homeroaster said...

Very sad to say that Dave Streckfus passed away Friday. Viewing at Garr Funeral Home in Sellersburg on Monday 7/31, with the funeral on Tuesday.