Monday, July 03, 2006

Huauzontle and ... Croupier?

Seeing as La Rosita is only three blocks from our residence, I’ll be sure to try this one out – and contemplate the sort of beer that would go with it.

Currently, Israel stocks the usual range of Mexican bottles and a couple of mass-market American beers, but he’s indicated interest in installing a keg box at some point in the future, and perhaps selling a beer from NABC alongside Dos Equis on tap.

Whenever he’s ready … until then, here’s an excerpt from "The Dish":

Great greens; Get familiar with huauzontles at La Rosita, by Sarah Fritschner (The Courier-Journal – some links are short-lived).

The average American doesn't know all that much about huauzontle, and it turns out that even in the halls of academe, information is scarce.

But Israel Landin is smitten with it, and makes a dish that tastes so good you really don't care if you know that much about it.

He's serving huauzontles (he spells it huanzontles) these days as a special in his New Albany restaurant, La Rosita, 1515 E. Market St.

Huauzontle, according to Landin, is a plant that is not only well loved in Mexico but is also very good for you.

The well-loved part is easy to understand; Landin is a local treasure when it comes to authentic Mexican food.

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