Thursday, July 21, 2016

The Old Louisville Brewery is about to open, with Axl Rose rumored as John Wurth's website pinch-hitter.

Remember how my provocative and controversial column used to be where the hiatus is now?

Remember my two (1, 2) amazing appearances on the now-defunct podcast?

You might recall that this here creator of revolutionary content has time on his hands and plenty of bones left to pick.

Tanned, rested and soapbox-ready -- which is precisely what Wade and Ken Mattingly no longer will be now that their brewery is about to open for business.

All breweries are a pain to coax into existence, but these guys have worked uncommonly long and hard to tap their dreams. Check out the Facebook page and make plans to try out the new kids on the block.

Now, John ...

Old Louisville Brewery Set to Open Friday, by John Wurth (Louisville Beer Dot Com)

Remember Remember John Wurth? (Who?) Remember Episode 11 of the now-defunct Louisville Beer Podcast?

Hopefully, you remember at least one of these. You might recall that this here’s a website that’s been on a bit of hiatus, because of Wurth’s busy day job and family schedule. Then, maybe you’ll also have some fond memories of when we had Wade and Ken Mattingly on the ol’ podcast back in November of the year 2013. Memories…

Well, here we are back in the year 2016, and Old Louisville Brewing is on the verge of opening on Friday, July 22. They hosted a soft open tonight, and invited me to attend. While they don’t have their Peanut Ale on tap YET, I got to sample some of the wares, and was pretty pleased.


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