Thursday, July 28, 2016

Barbecued mutton and English-style ale at the Ole Hickory Pit Bar-B-Que.

I'll take these and a firkin of Ordinary (photo credit). 

Susan knows her way around a word processor, having served for 15 years as the Courier-Journal's restaurant reviewer. She's authored books about bourbon, food and Kentucky travel, was (and maybe still is) a teacher, and is an accomplished musician.

My grandparents lived in Henderson, Kentucky, which is prime mutton territory. My granddad was a fan; my mom, not so much.

At the family reunions held there, we always had mutton. I remembered this hazy fact many years later, when I was visiting Greece and learning how marvelous lamb can be in all its various edible forms.

A very gentle point, though ... perhaps more than one paragraph devoted to what (in my mind) tastes like an apt beer pairing? I'm not going to tell you which beer it is, so click through and read the whole article.

FOOD & DRINK, PAIRINGS: Barbecued mutton and an english-style ale, by Susan Reigler (LEO Weekly)

There are few sights and scents that warm a dedicated carnivore’s heart like those of a giant pile of wood nestled next to cinder-block building from which the savory scents of wood smoke and cooking meat emanate. Summer is here, and that means picnic and dining tables piled with racks of ribs, plates of pulled chicken and pork, bowls of potato salad and slaw and all the fixings that accompany that favorite American summer feast — barbecue.


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