Saturday, June 13, 2015

Thumbs up: Anderson Brewfest "was about supporting local businesses."

Much earlier in the year, Anderson Brewfest organizer Shanna Henry spoke to me about her local festival back home, and asked whether NABC would participate.

Then I took a leave of absence to run for mayor of New Albany, and Shanna lost her job at Flat12 in Jeffersonville -- not the only person to go in a company-wide shakeup that remains curiously undocumented by the state's beer press.

NABC did not participate, and I didn't go.

But ...

The description here confirms a commitment to localism, and that's very good to know. Congratulations to Shanna for doing something that's becoming increasingly difficult: Offering a beer fest with a twist.


 ... You see, they went above and beyond for this fest. As great as having a fest with hundreds of brewers can be, it was great to see one that featured around 20 local Indiana breweries but also gave local artist, crafters, and businesses space to set up booths. Sure you’ll find a few of these booths at the bigger fests, but not like this. There were just as many local vendors as there were breweries. There was live music, there were educational showcases about brewing your own beer, food trucks, and so much more. This gave you the opportunity to take a small break from the beer and enjoy some of the finer things from around the state. Overall, this fest wasn’t just about the beer; it was about supporting local businesses.

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