Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Horseshoe Cincy has local craft beer. That's nice. Were it so elsewhere.

Granted, the Cincinnati area might be different.

We at NABC tried hard at Horseshoe Southern Indiana, which is about seven miles from New Albany, just over the Harrison County line. It took forever to get corporate approval for draft beer there in spite of a spirited effort by several employees, and once it had been approved, another lapse when we turned over our wholesaling to Cavalier, then ... well, it's embarrassing to concede that at one point I was at the casino for a concert, got Community Dark, and used it on my fish and chips instead.

I'm guardedly optimistic that more of the gaming emporiums are featuring better beer. Years ago, when our Horseshoe casino began as Caesar's and I made my first visit, one look at the crowds told me this couldn't be a "craft" success story. They were there to gawk at the glitz and gamble, not explore the nuances of beer. Maybe things have changed. I have enough bad habits without blackjack being one of them.

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