Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I agree: "Local lagers looming."

During the course of research for an upcoming Food & Dining Magazine column submission, in which I'll survey the Gordon Biersch branch in Louisville, this link turned up.

I'd bookmarked the article long ago, and as is my custom, forgotten all about it.

Watson points to three factors to support his contention that we're about to enter a new era of local lagers: Market Evidence, Capacity Equation and Beer Lover Preferences.

I think he's absolutely right, particularly in the second of these. Eventually, there'll be much excess capacity, and when there is ...

Click through for the details.

LOCAL LAGERS LOOMING, by Bart Watson (Brewers Association)

Although a big part of craft beer’s strength lies in its diversity of styles, there are certainly trends in beer lover preferences that make particular styles or groups of styles rise to the top. In recent years it’s been IPAs. IPAs are still growing 40-50% in scan data on a bigger base than ever.

But what might be the next big thing? Looking out at the beer landscape, I think we’re about to enter a new era of the local lager. Why?

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