Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dermody hatchets Sunday sales bill.

In the end, the entities with the most cash refused to accept a plan that would compel them to spend some of it.

Credit the package store lobby in this round: Artfully played, indeed.

And remember: There IS NO BAN on Sunday carry-out sales as they pertain to beer and wine produced by Indiana's small breweries and wineries.

UPDATE: Indiana lawmaker kills Sunday alcohol sales bill, by Mark Peterson (WNDU)

INDIANAPOLIS The scene that played out at the Indiana Statehouse today could have been called, ‘Death of a Sunday-sales-man.’

“It’s been made clear, I don’t have the votes,” said Ind. Rep. Thomas Dermody, (R) LaPorte, as he decided to give up on H.B. 1624 which would have lifted Indiana’s 80 year old ban on Sunday carry-out alcohol sales.

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