Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Standing in line elevates the craft experience."

It's about queueing at Country Boy, but it might have been anywhere. 

I'm reminded of an experience in 1987 in the USSR of old, and a queueing phenomenon I'd read about, but doubted -- until I saw it first-hand.

Apparently much commerce was conducted from outdoor kiosks. At one of them, we saw a line of people waiting patiently, even though there was no one (and nothing) inside the kiosk. The Russian-speaking guide inquired: They were waiting because they'd heard something would be for sale there. Exactly what was to be vended didn't matter; whatever it was, it would be rare and worth hoarding, usable for swap bait at some point.

Maybe a truck pulled up to the kiosk later, and maybe items were sold. Or maybe not.

America boasts hundreds of great beers. When the time comes for me to stand in line to get one, I'll switch preferences and settle for a different one.

Lexington Gets a Release (Make Mine Potato)
Lexington finally got its release. For three days, Country Boy Brewing hosted its third anniversary with a special release each day of Black Gold Porter: an orange truffle, Mexican chocolate, and espresso variant. Not only do we have release, we have variant release. Lexington can now find itself among other cities of the big release: Muenster, Tampa, Santa Rosa.

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