Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Beer, podcasts and Dick Cavett.

Apparently there's never enough on my plate, and so I've been chatting with an a Louisville area journalist about the possibility of us joining forces for a beer-related podcast.

We're nowhere near the detailed rendering stage, apart from agreeing that a podcast in the 30-40 minute range of length would be ideal; shorter rather than longer. We both agreed that a tone more in keeping with Dick Cavett than "Animal House" also would be preferable.

Suggestions and comments are welcomed, and maybe we'll get around to this soon. I'd like to know what you think.

Meanwhile, here's an explanation of the most pressing question: Who's Dick Cavett?

Dick Cavett Perfectly Sums Up Why We Despise Ayn Rand… And Why The Right Loves Her, by T. Steelman (Addicting Info)

Some of you youngsters might not know who Dick Cavett is. That’s a shame. Cavett is one of the best interviewers in America. He had a talk show many years ago which was must-see TV for any thinking person. Cavett was an unabashed liberal and often had like-minded guests on his show for intelligent, deep conversation. Sure, he would have celebrities like Debbie Reynolds, Groucho Marx (a favorite who was on many times) and John Wayne on the show — which ran in various incarnations from 1968-1995 — but he also hosted people like Shirley Chisolm, Sen. Edward Kennedy, Abbie Hoffman, J.K. Galbraith and NYC Mayor Ed Koch. Taking a look at the guest list for his over 3000 shows is like reading a who’s who of the latter 20th century.

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