Saturday, February 07, 2015

The 12 Days of BrewLou are under way.

I spent some time on Friday night with Bailey Loosemore, who works for the Louisville Courier-Journal, and a couple of her friends. We drank beer and talked for a long while.

Bailey is in the middle of an admirable fact-finding journey.

12 Days of BrewLou: Reporter seeks craft beer

 ... I'm going to do the difficult job of drinking for you guys, so that the next time you want to grab a local brew, you know where to go and what you might like when you get there. On Monday, I'll embark on a nine-day journey during which, as you can guess, I visit nine breweries in Louisville and Southern Indiana. Then, I'll post stories about the different breweries online daily, along with looks at a few nearby cities' craft beer scenes and other bits of information. Most of the content will also make its way to our Feb. 12 issue of Velocity.

You can find all the links to her stops in a central location: Louisville Brew

If memory serves, NABC is up on Monday, February 9.

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