Saturday, March 22, 2014

One fine beer dinner at 610 Magnolia.

On Thursday, I teamed up with Blake Montgomery for a beer dinner at 610 Magnolia in Old Louisville. To be specific, the dinner was held in The Wine Studio, a few yards across the street.

Welcome to The Wine Studio @ 610 Magnolia. As the name suggests, The Wine Studio is not a traditional restaurant but a venue for experimentation, specialty themed events and cooking classes. It is a modern and open, loft-like, 850 square-foot room that will be the home of various events revolving around a new approach to food and wine. It is a place for food and wine enthusiasts to share in the experience of gourmet arts in good company.

It may also be worth noting that 610 Magnolia's Owner/Chef Edward Lee is a local legend, and while Lee wasn't at the helm of The Wine Studio's kitchen on Thursday (he dropped by and checked in), it's safe to say that his vision was pervasive, and the professionalism of staff impeccable -- confident, relaxed and articulate.

Beers from NABC, Three Floyds and Against the Grain were featured, and I represented my brethren, speaking for each. Marquee positioning was afforded AtG, and AtG delivered: The Duck in Four Forms (pictured) with Fruitis the Farmer Beescake (a new Saison with melons, seeded judiciously with brettanomyces) and dessert pairing with Bo & Luke (with smoky notes peeking above the intensity) both were scrumptious treats. Portions and pours were moderate. I was filled, not full; watered and not wasted. The attendees were wonderful.

It was a memorable evening, not because of hype and high (read: forced) energy, but owing to their absence. It was quiet, not loud. Beer works with food in any setting, whether a boisterous Bavarian beer hall or a thoughtful Wine Studio. Very well done indeed.

Local Beer Dinner
20 March 2014

Passed Canapés
New Albanian Brewing Company
Black & Blue Grass

Beef Cheek Pastrami, Pickled Vegetables, Rye Crostini Soil
Tomato-Extra Virgin Olive Oil Mayonnaise, Mache
New Albanian Brewing Company
Tunnel Vision

Braised Elk Neck Stew, Farro, Bone Marrow and Parsley Toast
Herbed Crème Fraiche
3 Floyds
Robert the Bruce

Duck in Four Forms:
Seared Breast, Smoked Duck Sausage, Confit of Leg, Foie Gras Bread Pudding
Braised Cabbage, Green Apple Fluid Gel and Poached Fuji Apples
Against the Grain
Fruitis the Farmer Beescake

Bitter Chocolate Pot de Crème, Macerated Dried Cherries, Whipped Caramel
Pink Peppercorn Tuile Cookie
Against the Grain

Bo & Luke

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