Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Craft Beer Right Here.

The sign prompting issues in Boise is far better than my imitation. Perhaps if humorless bureaucrats consumed better beer, they wouldn't be so touchy. Then again, if they weren't sensitive to the letter of the interpretation of the law according to this morning's spin of the wheel, they'd cease being bureaucrats. My guess is that if NABC erected such a sign in Floyd County, the state would be oblivious, but we'd get a citation from the Floyd County Health Department for failing to have hand sanitizer on hand during erections.

Ingenious Signage Mimics Interstate Road Sign, Gets Brewer in Hot Water (AdRANTS)

Boise, Idaho-based Woodland Empire Ale Craft has taken a unique approach to signage. To promote its location, which is directly next to a main road leading to a major intersection, the brewery erected a billboard atop its roof which mimics green street signs ...

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