Friday, March 07, 2014

More new craft breweries than this numbers-challenged drunkard can count.

Read about all the breweries coming to Louisville and environs.

Craft beer industry has room to grow in Louisville area, by David A. Mann (Business First)

Well, read part of it; my complimentary media subscription apparently hasn't been processed. The "by the numbers" list is instructive.

Now, read about all the breweries coming to Indianapolis ...

Explosive growth of craft breweries may saturate Indy's beer market, by Chris Sikich (IndyStar)

... assuming you have articles remaining behind THAT paywall. Jesus, this used to be easy (see "complimentary" preceding). Next, contemplate the possibility of saturation. Optimist or pessimist? Back here in Louisville, Great Flood Brewing looks to be next.

Great Flood Set To Open Floodgates, Begin Brewing 'This Week' (Eater Louisville)

You're lucky to be in Louisville, guys. Here in Floyd County, the health department already would be planning a SWAT infiltration to guard against any possibility of fun -- as they may be doing as Rick Otey gets Donum Dei nearer to fruition. He'd get more done if he didn't spend so much time at Gravity Head ... but the list isn't finished yet.

From Bridles to Beer: Leather craftsman Ralph Quillin is opening Paris brewery, by Liane Crossley (Kyforward)

Paris is a few miles northeast of Lexington, and I can only hope that quite soon, other Kentucky towns named for place in Europe get their own breweries: Verona, Florence, Newcastle, Sligo, Warsaw and maybe even Versailles.

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