Friday, February 07, 2014

The Gralehaus. "From the same people who run Holy Grale."

It is without the slightest tinge of irony, and absent any discernible snark, that I say: I live vicariously through what Lori Beck, Tyler Trotter and their staff have done at the Holy Grale, and now the Gralehaus. They are not necessarily new or original ideas, but this is not the point at all; they've painstakingly realized these ideas, refined and built and implemented them, and deserve all the plaudits they receive now and in the future for doing so.

Congratulations, salutations and best wishes.

I wouldn't be human if I didn't concede a measure of bittersweet reflection. I've wanted to do something like the Gralehaus since those early days in Europe. For 1,001 reasons, ranging from serendipity through circumstance, and not omitting the very palpable fact that I've had neither the money nor the aptitude to pretend otherwise, it was not to be.  So it goes, with no tears shed and rear-view mirrors reduced to shards with a hammer. But my enthusiasm for the Grale empire is absolutely sincere. I've always known it was possible, and I'm simply elated that they've gotten it done.

Keep on rocking, guys.

The much-anticipated Gralehaus opens today, offering a new take on breakfast and lunch fare, by Steve Kaufman (Insider Louisville)

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