Sunday, February 09, 2014

On "Halfway to Louisville Craft Beer Week" and John King's family tree.

I sincerely hope Deep Purple isn't contemplating a punctuation trademark infringement war against the folks at, where going halfway is described in detail.

Halfway to Louisville Craft Beer Week?!

Yup, we're halfway there and we'll be celebrating!

Craft beer drinkers are an impatient bunch, including us. With great success from our 4th annual Louisville Craft Beer Week combined with the expanding craft beer scene in Louisville, we decided to take four days in April to showcase that Kentucky is known for more than just bluegrass and bourbon in the spring time. will be working with the Kentucky Guild of Brewers, local beer bars, and restaurants to promote our thriving craft beer culture in a citywide celebration of local and regional craft beer. Halfway to LCBW is an effort to enhance localism, beer knowledge, and appreciation of the positive growth of the Kentucky craft beer industry.

This four-day event (April 16th-20th) will include events like special beer releases to tap takeovers to beer dinners and anything and everything Kentucky craft beer related. After acquiring sponsorships, we will produce a condensed version of our Craft Beer Guide which will detail every event. Mark your calendars down and expect to here from us in the near future.

On a side note, we have already set the dates for the 5th Annual Louisville Craft Beer Week as September 12-20, 2014!

If you're interesting in a sponsorship or an ad in the guide, please contact SCOTT LYKINS at 502.494.1551 or email

Meanwhile, LouisvilleBeer columnist and co-conspirator John King recently sketched his family tree, but in a way meant to defer implied Kentucky punctuation. Congratulations to John for landing the gig as major domo of the KGB.

Craft Beer Roots

by John King
I tend to get my best ideas and most coherent thoughts while out on a run.  After sticking my hand in many cookie jars throughout the work day, it’s my hour to just reflect (or realize I should have went to the bathroom before I stepped out the door) on what’s going on in my life.   Last night while trying not to slip on ice and bust my ass/head/anything, I started to think about my craft beer family tree and how it led to where I am today in the beer community.  With that, let me describe a little bit of my journey that found me in my most recent acquired position of Executive Director of the Kentucky Guild of Brewers.

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