Saturday, February 22, 2014

At Hey Brewtiful: "Beer Nerds Unite Over Kentucky Craft Writing Symposium."

Perhaps a final link to an attendee's recap of the Craft Writing symposium last weekend in Lexington, at Hey Brewtiful, which is explained as ...

What started out as a half-baked hobby to keep one stay-at-home-mom from losing her mind is a now a passionate past-time. HB aims to highlight people, places, products, and experiences that keep our glass full. Drinking in the world of craft beer through her original photography, writing, artwork and design, Jessica Miller is a self-taught social media junkie with a formal background in teaching and creative writing and a passion for the perfect pour.

Take the time to browse through the other articles herein, because there some fine pieces, from Atlanta and beyond. Verily, folks came from all over to take part in the symposium. I hope there'll be a repeat next year. Here's the Hey Brewtiful link:

Beer Nerds Unite Over Kentucky Craft Writing Symposium

Comprised of about 48 hours of continual beer consumption (both in body and in academic spirit) the University-of-Kentucky-sponsored Craft Writing Symposium in Lexington was a lot to take in. It's been almost a week, and I'm still a little hungover drunk on the experience.

There've been no shortage of summative remarks already shared in the last few days (and I'm sure there are more to come). What follows are my lasting impressions, as frustratingly biased and lacking in journalistic ethos as they may or may not be (sorry, Stan).

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