Friday, March 22, 2013

New Holland's new Head Pub Brewer is Steve Berthel, formerly of The Livery.

A while back, I noticed that Steve Berthel no longer was brewing at The Livery, so I decided to investigate ... got very busy and kept forgetting ... and now much later, the answer is clear:

New Holland Welcomes New Head Pub Brewer, Steve Berthel!

Better late than never to a story. Given that New Holland is a personal favorite as brewery, business model and place to enjoy life, this is a wonderful combination, indeed. I've met Steve because of Jared Williamson, who bonded with him many years ago, and he's a class act and one helluva brewer. When I finally made it up to Benton Harbor in 2011, Steve couldn't be there, but he left a couple of growlers for me, and cheers to that.

Following are other historical episodes:

It's simple: Steve and Jared brew a collaborative batch, and then I drink beer with them. 

Jared Williamson on "Michigan: Passion, Pints, and Pride." 

Scenes from The Livery's 5th Anniversary Ale brew day (Part One). 

Scenes from The Livery's 5th Anniversary Ale brew day (Part Two). 

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