Thursday, March 28, 2013

What's the big deal? watery parts is watery parts.

(Better late than never)

Item: InBev Sued For Overstating Budweiser Alcohol Content

If suing AB-InBev for misrepresenting alcoholic content requires admitting you've been drinking case after case ofAB-InBev alcoholic soda pop ... well, whatever happened to "wouldn't say swill if you had a mouthful"?

Accusing AB-InBev of watering its beer is like blaming Burger King for minced horse Whoppers: Adulteration is the very nature of the (corporate) beast, and there’s no need for redundancy, because “watered down” is another way of saying flavorless, and flavorlessness is implicit when it comes to mass-market lager, which thrives by offending as few prospective swallowers as possible.

Watering? It hardly matters which stage of the process results in the most dilution of essence, when such conceptual futility is the aim of the exercise from the very start.

I must admit that the lawsuits against AB-InBev are amusing. Watching people confess to buying a six-pack a day of Budweiser for five years, only now suffering from pervasive mental anguish borne of the realization that they never got quite as wasted as they thought, hits almost as close to the mark as eating the Rally's dollar menu every day before suddenly awakening to the verdict of poor health.

Responsibility, anyone?

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