Saturday, March 09, 2013

Thanks to everyone for a wonderful Friday.

I'm oddly missing my voice this morning.

Whispering to the missus that my best guess is the throat deserted me after an entire day yelling over a crowd, she said, "And you have to be heard, don't you?"

Absolutely. In fact, I insist on it, so hear this:

Many thanks to Flat12 (two Gravity Head crew visits) and Cavalier Distributing for yesterday's rollicking good time. Additional thanks to Against the Grain for its commendable lunch hour hospitality, and to Adam and Jerry for explaining the salad bar(ity) to an uncomprehending Publican. Still more thanks to all of NABC's staff for coping with the tsunami.

I've learned a few things this Gravity Head, and here's one of them, cryptically: In future years, if ya wanna get featured, ya gotta come represent. 

The Gravity Head lineupdate page is fully updated. You'll see that a fourth corral has been added to hold kegs that were tapped, but then pulled to make room for the featured selections on March 8. They'll see duty again. The only keg from the Flat12 contingent to deplete yesterday was Highway to Hops.

I'm going to Cincinnati for the day. Thanks again to everyone for a great third weekend.

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