Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's simple: Steve and Jared brew a collaborative batch, and then I drink beer with them.

The Livery's Steve Berthel and NABC's Jared Williamson are shown brewng a collaborative batch of Belgian IPA at the Grant Line garage brewhouse on Tuesday, September 15. Different portions of it will be aged and served in different ways, and you'll hear more about that later. For now, look to November for a release date.

After the brewing and clean-up was finished, Steve and Jared adjourned to the Bank Street Brewhouse for an evening of merriment on the patio. Kelsey joined Jared, Diana met me there, and Chef Josh Lehman actually permitted the kitchen crew to serve him. We feasted on frites, bouillabaisse, pork chops and a Capriole goat cheese plate (among other delectables) and washed them down with Wet Knob ... and Hoptimus with the Mont St. Francis cheese.

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Steve and chat with him about his experiences in Benton Harbor, and a return engagement in this home-and-home collaborative series was discussed.

In short: More proof that craft beer is the best business going, and I love meeting the people who are part of it -- and drinking beer with them.

Belgian IPA
Malts: Castle Pale, Castle Biscuit, Simpson Medium Crystal
Hops: wet Fuggles in the mash that Steve brought, Nugget (Bittering); Nugget, Fuggle, Cascade (Flavor); Fuggle, Cascade (Aroma)
Yeast: Saison
O.G. 1077
IBU 72
ABV circa 8% (waiting on final gravity to know for sure)

Notes: 120 minute boil (first to my knowledge for NABC). Hop additions started
at 90 minutes).

Collaboration brew with NABC and The Livery is Tuesday, Sept. 15. Then we all drink Wet Knobs.


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