Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The objective of Eileen Martin's internship is to make whiskey.

Louisville metro readers know Eileen Martin from her brewing/sales/beer advocacy career in Louisville. Eileen informs us that she's scored a cool internship just up the road, described below and in this .pdf file from the American Distilling Institute.

We are delighted for Eileen, and offer warmest congratulations!


Dear Eileen:

Congratulations. The Board of Directors of The Michael Jackson Foundation has awarded you the first-ever AIWF-ADI Michael Jackson Craft-Distilling Internship.

The distillery chosen is Ted Huber’s Starlight Distillery. We hope you will find collaborating with Ted and Associate Distiller Jason Heilegenberg to be a rewarding introduction to craft distilling.

The objective of the internship is to make whiskey. An important part of the internship will be the completion of a workplace journal that charts the critical events and decisions in that process. The journal will be excerpted and published by ADI, and a presentation made by you in person on May 4th at the 2010 ADI Conference in Louisville.

Financial arrangements for material, labor, travel and lodging expenses will be made with Starlight Distillery once the mash bill and the distilling-and-casking schedule has been established.

Again, best wishes on your spirited adventure.

Most Sincerely,
Penn Jensen,
For the AIWF-ADI Michael Jackson Craft-Distilling Internship

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Kris K said...

Very cool. Congratulations to Eileen!