Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Next two weekend "Anstich" lineups for Sandkerwa are finalized.

Here are the second and third weekend's Anstich lagers, scheduled to be poured for Sandkerwa NA 3, which continues at NABC's Public House & Pizzeria (3312 Plaza Drive).

To learn more about what we're trying to achieve with Sandkerwa, go here.

In celebrating Sandkerwa, we're celebrating small Franconian breweries whenever possible, and this year, this task was made easier by the Shelton Brother importing company's decision to import a special container filled with rare Franconian lagers in 20-liter, "Anstich" kegs.

These are gravity-feed kegs with no CO2 used to push the beer. We'll set them on the counter behind the bar, punch a hole in the top, and use the rubber mallet to insert a tap.

Once tapped, the 40 half-liter glasses of beer therein must be consumed forthwith, or the remainder will go flat. Because of this, we'll be selling these special beers at a special price: $5.00 per half liter. Not a drop was wasted during the first weekend, and the quality so far has been excellent!

Weekend Anstich schedule, Oct. 1 - 3:

One to be tapped on Thursday, October 1:
Kraus Pils ... Brauerei Kraus, Hirschaid

Two to be tapped on Friday, October 2:
Löwenbräu (Buttenheim) Ungespundetes Lagerbier (Kellerbier) ... Löwenbräu Buttenheim, Buttenheim
Spezial Rauchbier ... Brauerei Spezial, Bamberg

One to be tapped on Saturday, October 3:
Schederndorfer Landbier ... Brauerei Will, Schederndorf

Weekend Anstich schedule, Oct. 8 - 10:

The following weekend (October 8, 9 & 10), there'll be the final four drawn from our original stock of 12.

One to be tapped on Thursday, October 8:
Fischer Lager ... Brauerei Fischer, Greuth

Two to be tapped on Friday, October 9:
Weissenohe Altfränkisches Klosterbier ... Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe, Weissenohe
Rossdorfer Urbrau (unfiltered lager) ... Brauerei Sauer, Roßdorf

One to be tapped on Saturday, October 10:
Zehendner Mönchsambacher Unfiltered Lager ... Brauerei Zehendner, Mönchsambach

Standard kegs poured conventionally with CO2 (on tap now):
Göller Pils ... Brauerei Goller, Zeil am Main
Kulmbacher Reichelbrau Eisbock ... Kulmbacher Brauerei, Kulmbach
Kulmbacher Kapuziner Weisse ... Kulmbacher Brauerei, Kulmbach
Schlenkerla Rauchbier Marzen ... Brauerei Heller-Trum, Bamberg

CO2 kegs yet to be tapped:
Kulmbacher Monchshof Festbier ... Kulmbacher Brauerei, Kulmbach
Mahr's Brau Ungespundet Lager (CO2 version) ... Mahrs Bräu, Bamberg
Spezial Rauchbier (CO2 version) ... Brauerei Spezial, Bamberg
Weissenohe Monk's Fest ... Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe, Weissenohe

Blown keg roster:
Fischer Rauchbier
Kulmbacher Monchshof Kellerbrau
Kulmbacher Monchshof Schwarzbier
Lindenbräu Vollbier
Mahr's Brau Ungespundet Lager
Zum Grunen Baum Landbier

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