Sunday, September 06, 2009

Weekend recap, and Bloody Mary Sunday today.

A third consecutive weekend of festivities at Bank Street Brewhouse was far less hective than the preceding two, but it was still fun, with the parking lot decked out in tent-city regalia, live music playing, the aroma of grilled meat in the air, and progressive pints pouring from Rosa L. Stumblebus. The New Albanian Charlie Vettiner Open brought disc golfers to BSB on both nights, and a good time was had by all.

I spent Friday night at the Public House dispensing Lambic by the Glass, and permit me to thank all of those who dropped in to enjoy the funk. My plan is to recast Lambic by the Glass into a Bank Street Brewhouse event, perhaps as soon as January or February of 2010. The reason is simple: Chef Josh's kitchen, where savory lambic-based cuisine can be prepared to complement the sublime liquid.

Kudos to all our employees and helpers the past weekend. Invariably, you rock.

Today from Noon to 3:00 p.m., John will have the Bloody Mary bar up and running at Bank Street. Note that both NABC locations will be closed tomorrow (Labor Day, Monday, September 7), and we'll back on Tuesday. Event to come include the Carnegie Center's fundraiser after-party at Bank Street on Friday, September 11, and Sandkerwa's annual (and this year, belated) kickoff in Prost on Thursday, September 24 -- assuming the shipment arrives, which is what I'll be checking come Tuesday.

Reintroductions and rescheduling: Lambic by the Glass (4 Sept) and Sandkerwa NA (24 Sept).


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Below is the Saison that I mentioned to you at the lambic event.

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