Sunday, September 20, 2009

Updated Sandkerwa NA 3 preview.

As promised (threatened?), I've updated the Sandkerwa preview post to reflect a few changes. There's nothing drastically altered, and everything that Shelton Brother said was coming, arrived. I'd guessed at a couple of beer identities that proved to be in error. All of it is now clear.

Lineup preview: Sandkerwa NA 3 at the Public House begins on September 24.

The conceptual introduction to Sandkerwa is here.

A dozen of these offerings are the rare "Anstich" 20-liter, gravity pour kegs. Once tapped, we have 40 half-liter pours in each, and probably should not count on the beer remaining fresh the next day. My original idea was to throw caution to the wind and tap six of them to open the fest, but I've thought better of it. We'll start with one of them on Thursday, the 24th. If it goes, we'll do two on the 25th, and another on the 26th.

I will announce the schedule tomorrow, both for the gravity-pour Anstich kegs and the regular CO2 pours.

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