Saturday, January 19, 2013

Red Yeti Brewing Company. Coming to Jeffersonville?

It's always amazing what you can find on the Internetz.

My tip about Red Yeti Brewing Company came from a former beer class student, who remarked that he had been talking to the property owner. I can't place the building, although I was told that it is located at Spring and Chestnut in Jeffersonville.

From Untappd, we learn only that Paul R. is a homebrewer going pro, while much of the information at the official web site has to do with bureaucratic wranglings pertaining to the site build-out.

Hmm. HopIPAtimus. Seems there's a beer somewhere with a name almost the same as that ... surely just a coincidence.


RedYeti said...

Paul R. here. This is why I love the craft beer scene, the word spreads like wildfire. We are still in the negotiation phase and the Jeffersonville site may or may not be our final landing zone.

HopIPAtamus was a recipe inspired by Russian River's Blind Pig on a cold December day in 2011 while planning the annual February trip to Santa Rosa, California, to partake in Russian River's god of beers...Pliney the Younger.

Back to it. Red Yeti Brewing Company will open soon. How soon? All I can say is stay tuned. We are very excited to become an active part of Indiana's craft beer marketplace and thanks for the mention.

Isaac Puff said...

I see the brewery is opening... date?

The New Albanian said...

I understand the business opening is near; not sure about the brewing.