Thursday, January 10, 2013

NABCieged tap takeover at Four Pegs Beer Lounge on Thursday, February 7.

Four Pegs Beer Lounge is located in a space many will remember as the Germantown Cafe (1053 Goss Avenue in Louisville). A little over a year ago, Marty Rosen favorably reviewed Four Pegs in the Courier-Journal.

Four Pegs feels like an old-fashioned saloon crossed with a nifty coffee shop. It’s admirably suited to calm, friendly loitering. But I suspect that once it catches on — which it surely will — the calm will give way to happily milling crowds attracted by a fine beer program and chef Matt Flink’s menu, which has the virtues of being concise, clever and very nicely executed.

One of our periodic NABCieged tap takeovers is being planned for Thursday, February 7 at Four Pegs. The provisional draft list is subject to alteration, but here's the way it looks at present.

Black & Blue Grass
Community Dark
Hoosier Daddy

Visit the Four Pegs web site and Facebook page for further information.

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