Wednesday, January 09, 2013

NABC will ship 22-oz “bomber” bottles into Ohio via Cavalier Distributing Ohio.

The New Albanian Brewing Company is pleased to announce that once the paperwork’s all completed and filed, we’ll be shipping 22-oz “bomber” bottles into the state of Ohio via Cavalier Distributing Ohio.

We’ve known Cavalier as a whole for a very long time, and already do business with Cavalier Distributing Indiana.

It would be an understatement to say that we’re looking forward to it, but then again, perhaps craft beer press releases could use a bit more understatement these days.

Inquiries about NABC: Direct them to me ... roger(at)newalbanian(dot)com
Inquiries about Ohio: See for contact information

Core NABC lineup in Ohio
Black & Blue Grass

2013 NABC Seasonals in Ohio
Naughty Girl (2nd quarter)
Tunnel Vision (3rd quarter)
Naughty Claus (4th quarter)

2014 NABC Seasonals in Ohio
Solidarity (1st quarter)
Bonfire of the Valkyries (1st quarter bonus release)


CincyBeerfest said...

Hip Hip Hooray! In time for Cincy Winter Beerfest February 15 & 16 at the Duke Energy Center pretty please??

The New Albanian said...

We think so, assuming all is processed expeditiously. As luck would have it, I cannot attend this year owing to a prior engagement, but we have representatives to make the trip.

Lee M said...

We look forward to having your beer in Ohio and we hope you will accompany it on a trip to Cleveland soon!

The New Albanian said...

It's been a few years since I've been to Cleveland, but I loved it. The sooner the better.