Friday, January 04, 2013

Match Lounge is open in Jeffersonville.

Jeffersonville's Riverside Cigar Shop has expanded into the adjacent and connected space, so now there's Match Lounge, too (201 and 207 Spring Street). I visited briefly yesterday while accompanying Richard Atnip on a few sales calls, and it's a comfortable venue with first-rate beverages and a short food menu. Obviously, Match Lounge is supremely cigar friendly, making it unique on this side of the river; you can enjoy quality drinks, bites and smokes all at the same time. That's positively revolutionary, or retro; no matter, because it's needed.

Congratulations to Jeff Mouttet and his staff for a thoughtful conversion of the space and another program based on quality. I'm hoping to drop by for a bit on Sunday, relax, have a cigar and enjoy a local craft beer.

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