Thursday, December 13, 2012

Of Maido's demise and Dragon King's Daughter's arrival..

Maido Essential Japanese is no more. The Frankfort Avenue (Louisville) establishment was a favorite of ours for more than seven years (first mention here was in 2005), and lately, the food had gotten better again after a lull following a management change.

I'll always recall and admire the way that Jim Huie handled the beer list during his tenure. Thanks; it was a gem, Jim.

Meanwhile, Maido's original owner, Toki Masabuchi, now the guiding force behind Dragon King's Daughter, is otherwise occupied. The build-out for the New Albany branch of DKD on the corner of Bank and Elm remains under way, albeit it slowly. The crew at Bank Street Brewhouse looks forward to DKD's arrival. So do my wallet and waistline. Sushi downtown? Please.

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