Friday, December 28, 2012

Is West Sixth IPA is Kentucky’s best beer? Insider Louisville says "yes."

As a whole, it's a solid overview of the local brewing scene, with emphasis on the state of Kentucky's rapidly evolving craft beer presence.

Why 2012 is the Year of the Beer, and why West Sixth IPA is Kentucky’s best, by Michael Tierney (Insider Louisville)

Put down your gin-and-tonics gents, and grab yourself an IPA, because micro-brew beer drinking was the biggest, yet subtle, trend in Louisville this wonderful year we have to call 2012.

Tierney's choice for "beer of the year" is West Sixth Brewing Company (Lexington) IPA, and he does a good job of explaining why cans in the contemporary era are not an off-putting development.

The Lexington based brewing company has doubled its brewing capacity in less than a year. West Sixth IPA went out in kegs and cans last April, and the demand curve has risen faster than a rocket to the moon.


Simply, it’s all in the taste.

West Sixth is a refreshing IPA, with a blend of flavor, a wonderful color and a pleasing aroma.

It’s like the beer danced with the fruit of the rainforest, then decided to marry off and settle in a nice 12 oz. aluminum can.

It really is to die for.

It would be churlish of me to quibble with the choice, because West Sixth's IPA is quite good. However, I can hint ever so gently that the prose styling is, well, a wee bit gushy and reads like ad copy.

But that's why I'm a curmudgeon, isn't it?

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