Saturday, December 15, 2012

Basket Case Brewing Company, a nanobrewery in Jasper IN, starts serving on December 22.

Considering the amount of beer consumed in Jasper, doesn't it make sense to have a brewery there?

Basket Case Brewing Company is a nanobrewery brewing and serving beer 1.5 barrels at a time within The Mill House Restaurant in Jasper, IN. We at Basket Case strive to blend our love of beer and music to create rockin’ craft beers for the people of Southern Indiana.

Basket Case's opening weekend, an occurrence appropriately called The Revolution, is coming this Saturday, December 22.

Beer will be flowing at The Mill House Restaurant and live music will be provided by Justin LaGrange! Justin will start playing around 8pm. Will you be a part of The Revolution?!

They may not be nano for very long. You can learn more at Basket Case Brewing Company's page at Facebook, or follow the nanobrewery's Twitter account.

What's a nanobrewery, anyway? Reader RC provides the link to enlightenment: Pint Sized, at Slate.

(Nanobrewing is) commercial beer making in its most compact form. Similar operations are popping up around the country, their emergence boosted by America’s growing thirst for craft beer and evolving regulatory attitudes toward brewing. Nanobrewing provides an opportunity for skilled homebrewers to dip a toe into the commercial market, without having to find investors or take on crushing debt to secure the kind of funding required to start a microbrewery or brew pub.

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