Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brewers of Louisville: Leah Dienes, as profiled by LEO's Sara Havens.

Unfortunately, I didn't think to post this link until after Apocalypse Brew Works had its "Drink Beer 'Til the End" party on the 21st. No matter; I was able to drop by Apocalypse on Friday afternoon, enjoy a quick beer, and say hello to Leah and the gang.

2012 People Issue: The Brewmaster — Leah Dienes, by Sara Havens (LEO Weekly)

Most of us sit chained to our desks from 8-5 dreaming of a better job, a thinner body and a fatter wallet. Very few of us are actually able to break those chains to pursue what it is we really want to do. Leah Dienes loved to brew beer and knew she was good at it. She won competition after competition during her 15 years as a home brewer and was tired of shilling out her swill for free to thirsty friends. So last Derby, she opened her own bar/brewhouse, Apocalypse Brew Works, with some fellow home brewers. The dozen or so taps have been flowing ever since.

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