Monday, December 24, 2012

Two non-work days, Saturnaliacs.

It was the winter solstice on Friday, and another great time to remind all and sundry of the thoroughly pagan origins of the contemporary holiday season. In ancient Rome, this was Saturnalia time, and we recall the wise words of Catullus, who referred to Saturnalia as "the best of days."

I can deal with the egregiousness of the modern co-opted holidaze so long as we keep it naturalistic, and remember the Romans for their template. So, fine wishes, Saturnaliacs and more recent observers of Festivus, and to all a good pint, hopefully more.

For the record: Both NABC locations will be closed today and tomorrow, the 24th and 25th of December, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Both locations will reopen on Wednesday, December 26.

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