Thursday, May 24, 2012

Second Bloomington Craft Beer Festival coming on Saturday, June 9.

The second Bloomington Craft Beer Festival takes place on Saturday, June 9 at the Woolery Mill in Bloomington. Last year's first-ever event was fun, but lightly attended. The Brewers of Indiana Guild hopes that we do better with the festival in 2012, and happily, there's no conflict with Fest of Ale this year.

Ben Minton, Richard Atnip and the Publican (that's me) will be working the NABC booth, and here's what we're bringing: Black & Blue Grass, Naughty Girl 2012, Oaktimus, Yakima Rye IPA and assorted time-release growlers (to be determined).

For ticket information, visit the BIG site. A recap of 2011 was published here at the blog: Yesterday's inaugural Bloomington Craft Beer Festival.

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