Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My column at LouisvilleBeer.com: "Permanent Olfactory Revolution."

As the column explains, my annoyance with Hefe-Weizen stems from my years as Publican, tending bar, and viewing the carnage it unleashes on fledglings. If left unchecked, Hefe-Weizen quickly attacks aspiring palates, stunting their evolution and deferring proper revolution. But please, read the whole article.

Permanent Olfactory Revolution

Near the end of April, NABC’s team gathered to brew our first-ever two batches of German-style wheat ale, and I’m happy to report that neither of them is representative of the standard, everyday Hefe-Weizen formulation.
If so, I’d have to shoot myself.
One is a Heller Weizen Maibock called HellBock, and the other a Weizen Doppelbock consciously mimicking a familiar commercial example: Knobentinus.
Mere Hefe-Weizen they’re not, but this disclosure of relative wheatiness still will come as a profound shock to numerous of my compatriots, who’ve been compelled for many years to listen to my choleric denunciations of the genre. It isn’t so much that I have a personal aversion to the style, which suits me in seasonal and situational senses, as when I’m actually in Bavaria, rehydrating after a recreational bicycle ride.

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