Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's time once again for a ride on the Stumblebus.

2012 is NABC's 25th, 20th and 10th anniversaries, for the Pizzeria, Public House and brewing operation, respectively, and they'll all come together as one when we celebrate on Sunday, July 22, at New Albany's Riverfront Amphitheater.

But for now, let's take a ride on the Stumblebus. After all, it hasn't stopped here since the first "W" administration.

Stumblebus is one of three retired, “retro” beers from NABC's past that we're reviving this anniversary year as the 10th Anniversary Bygoner Series. The other two classics we're revisiting are Bourbondaddy and Turbo Hog. A final 10th anniversary beer, this one newly formulated, is a Belgian-style Wee Heavy called Scotch de Ainslie. It honors Hew Ainslie (1792-1878), New Albany’s first-known commercial brewer.

Stumblebus was created by NABC’s founding brewer, Michael Borchers. Was it Imperial IPA, or was it Barleywine? We were never entirely sure. David Pierce and Ben Minton hit the NABC archives, the the result will be pouring at both NABC locations at opening on Friday, May 18.

Stumblebus (Redux)

Malts: Rahr Pale, Weyermann Vienna, Simpson Medium Crystal, Light Malt extract

Hops: A delicate mix of Galena, Cascade and Golding

Yeast: Super San Diego Ale

OG: 25 Plato
IBU: 126
ABV: 11.2% (yes, the placard can be adjusted)
Color: 13.4 SRM

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Rick500 said...

Please make Stumblebus repeatedly.