Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Local beers at selected Heine Brothers locations.

All I can say is thanks for having us on tap, guys. After those hundreds of espressos for the past decade, I'll be able to have a beer at Heine Brothers, and a local beer at that.

Although I'll be in Madison, Indiana to man the taps at RiverRoots, NABC is looking forward to working with Against the Grain (and perhaps Bluegrass Brewing Company?) and Heine Brothers again this year at Louisville Loves Mountains on May 18, an event in support of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. As before, Longest Avenue will be closed at its intersection with Bardstown Road, and a very good cause will be served along with beer and food.

Local Beer and Organic, Biodynamic Wine available at select Heine Bros locations

For years we have had customers request that we add beer and wine to our menu – saying that they love the atmosphere at Heine Brothers, and would love a reason to come in during the evening to meet with friends and unwind (without caffeine). We’ve thought about it over and over again, and due to our lack of experience with alcoholic beverages, never took the first step. Lucky for us, through our merger with the locally-owned VINT Coffee, we now have people with the experience to make it happen!

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