Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Last evening's Harvest/NABC beer dinner was a pure treat.

Harvest Restaurant and NABC: A collaborative beer dinner on Tuesday, April 17.

Last evening's beer dinner was very, very good. I'm not just saying this because it was NABC. We got the beer pairings right, the food was magnificent, there were 40+ in attendance, and the kitchen and serving staffs rocked the house. It truly is wonderful when a plan comes together. Thanks again to everyone at Harvest for a transcendent evening.

Also, note this: Owing to the beer dinner's circumstance, Harvest is presently the only place in the world (including our own two establishments) to have NABC Black & Blue Grass on tap. Bottles and draft will be out soon, elsewhere, but for now, only Harvest has it. Black & Blue Grass is a food-friendly Saison with black pepper and lemongrass spicing, and blue agave sugar. For a preview, head over to Harvest.

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