Saturday, April 07, 2012

Session Head today, with Struise's Single Black as a final addition.

One extra Session Head beer has been added (at the Pizzeria & Public House only), courtesy of Tim Eads at Starlight Distribution:

It's Struise Black Damnation VII: Single Black, a Stout coming in at only 2.0% abv.

Single Black is part of the "Black Damnation" project, using Black Albert (Russian Imperial Stout) as the jumping off point for a series of different recipes. Most of the ones released to date have been appropriate for Gravity Head in terns of their alcohol content, and Single Black is by far the "smallest" of them. It's a reminder of the brewing tradition of second, and sometimes third runnings of the same mash.

For the other beers being tapped today, go here.

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