Tuesday, April 03, 2012

"Pint/CounterPint IV – Frosted Mugs" -- at LouisvilleBeer.com

That's right, dear reader: I'm arguing in favor of frosted mugs.

And that's also right, Adam: Get ready for the Pol Pot essay.

Pint/CounterPint IV – Frosted Mugs

Pint/CounterPint 4:1
Frosted Mugs – PRO
By: Roger Baylor, New Albanian Brewing Company
The rural locale outside New Albany where I grew up wasn’t very far away from civilization, but to travel west bound and down, not very much of note lay between my house and Evansville, except for open roads, fields, woods and the occasional sparse settlement.


Pint/CounterPint 4:2
Frosted Mugs – CON (or “Why Frosted Mugs are Bullshit”)
By: Adam Watson, Against the Grain Brewery
I feel the need to open by thanking my compatriot and pseudonemesis, Roger, here at the outset.  The topic of frosted mugs came up, and I immediately grabbed the “anti” side, leaving him to defend these monstrosities.  While I do love watching him flail with arguments he may not really believe, I imagine a reckoning is imminent.  Don’t be surprised if my next topic ends up being something akin to “I’d Totally Share a Beer with Pol Pot, Who Wasn’t Really Such a Bad Guy After All”.  Fair warning.

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